Three partners – Jim Gossen, Billy Landry and Floyd Landry – formed Louisiana Foods, Inc. in 1972 in Morgan City, Louisiana. The restaurant group opened Don’s Seafood in 1976 and gained three additional players – Dennis Wilson, Jody Larriviere and Nathan Peck – soon thereafter, resulting in the eventual rise of Willie G’s, Jimmy G’s, Magnolia Bar and Grill and Landry’s Seafood restaurants.

Early on, Jim Gossen determined the need for a central kitchen in order to maintain key “center of the plate” products. In addition, sourcing oysters and other fresh seafood from the Louisiana gulf region became a critical requirement to maintain consistent quality and supply.

For these reasons, Louisiana Foods began trucking in product from Louisiana for their own restaurants as well as some strategic excess, which they sold daily to several other foodservice establishments.

In 1989, the group sold Landry’s and Willie G’s restaurants to what is now Landry’s Corporation. They continued to grow the central kitchen and fresh seafood distribution portions of their business and, in 2012, Sysco Foods acquired the company, making it their Southwest Regional Seafood arm